Final Weekly Summary

My final project is here and the tutorials are here. I feel like I learned a lot in class, mostly breaking down different forms of media into respective elements and then analyzing those elements and why they help add to the story. For an example, see my analysis of the cutscene after Cayde-6 from Destiny died here. I feel like I also learned basic elements of video editing, even if not directly in the class.

I particularly enjoyed the audio assignments and the design assignments. I was familiar with audio because I am a musician and have worked with FL Studio for about a year or so now, and design assignments because a) I have done graphic design myself, mostly for themes for my phone and tablet using Android, and b) I studied web design in my senior year of high school. I’m not sure what I’d choose for one specific assignment that I enjoyed most, because I enjoyed doing a lot of the assignments, though I did not enjoy video editing. I’d much rather do something on a livestream rather than recording myself. Maybe I’m self conscious, maybe it’s something else.

I feel like if I had to take the class again, I would start each of the specific assignments for a particular week much earlier then I did – I feel like that would help me out more, as well as choosing what assignments to do earlier in the week and not being indecisive.