An Introduction

Hello there. I’m Jacob.

The Court of Oryx, on the Dreadnaught, Oryx’s battleship and throne world. From Destiny: The Taken King.

I am a big fan of games like the Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, and the Destiny and Halo franchises which are known for their stories. I am also a musician, playing drums and self-teaching guitar. I also enjoy tabletop roleplaying games, especially creating the worlds that a particular campaign will take place in, as well as writing in general. I mostly enjoy the worldbuilding, though.

In addition, as far as the tone of a story is concerned, I feel like if a particular setting is trying to be depicted somewhat seriously, yet there are attempts at humor throughout the work, regardless of how it’s being presented (whether a video game, book, movie, etc.) the nonstop jokes make it harder for me to take a setting particularly seriously. I don’t mean there shouldn’t be any humor in a storyline or setting, but that trying to have it nonstop isn’t a good thing.