Thoughts on Audio Storytelling

I would agree that when Ira Glass says that writing isn’t like what you’ve been taught in highschool. Even if I had never taken a broadcasting or writing class in high school, I still understand that a paper or story isn’t going to necessarily start with any one particular topic – even if one idea really gets your interest, it isn’t necessarily going to be the only idea presented in the story.

As far as the actual storytelling with audio, I feel while the “Moon Graffiti” story on SoundCloud was a well-done, albeit somber storyline, I feel the effects really added to the story, giving it a feel almost like a horror movie, especially with the way the breaths sort of faded and the panic towards the end, and then the Nixon speech. I feel sound can more accurately depict something than a picture can, since while everyone may picture a scene differently, audio can help clarify it in a way where you can still picture it differently from someone else, but there is still some unity provided by the audio.