A Photo Safari

For this assignment, we had a fifteen-minute window to take as many photos as possible which we thought would apply to a list of certain topics or ideas. Some of the topics seemed vague to me, which didn’t exactly help since those topics could be interpreted differently by different people. I understand that it was […]


For this 2 star assignment, we had to create a Spubble, which is one photo but with a caption or thought bubble that represents something completely different from what the image suggests. I decided to have a serious face on for when I am focusing on something, yet my caption was related to my love […]

Drop ‘Em In The Bank

For my second visual assignment (worth 3.5 stars), I decided to make a fictional camp based on the game mode Gambit in Destiny 2, which came with the Forsaken expansion. I decided to go with this because it seems any time I load into a game of Gambit by myself, my teams is usually either […]

With Pen and Sword

For this three-star assignment, we were supposed to go to jointherealm.com and make our own coat of arms and house words for a fictional noble house, like from A Song of Ice and Fire, better known as Game of Thrones. However, I have designed heraldry on my own for campaign settings for Dungeons and Dragons, […]