Alright Alright Alright

For my second assignment this week, I choose to do a four star assignment for recording a play-by-play, however, I have lost a lot of interest in sports generally over time, so I decided to do a play by play of the overtime round from one of the games of Gambit I played. As far […]

Rocket Design in a Nutshell

For my first assignment this week, I did the five-star assignment called “How-To Tutorial”. While I don’t feel like this lends itself to a story particularly well, I feel like helping someone new to something is the right thing to do if you have the particular skills for that thing, which is why I decided […]

Look. Listen. Analyze.

After reading Roger Ebert’s guide to reading movies, we had to analyze a classic movie scene. Given that a lot of the scenes for me were from movies that I had never heard (except for a few, such as Rocky, Apocalypse Now, and The Dark Knight), I decided to use the cutscene from Destiny 2: […]