Look. Listen. Analyze.

After reading Roger Ebert’s guide to reading movies, we had to analyze a classic movie scene. Given that a lot of the scenes for me were from movies that I had never heard (except for a few, such as Rocky, Apocalypse Now, and The Dark Knight), I decided to use the cutscene from Destiny 2: […]

Thoughts on Audio Storytelling

I would agree that when Ira Glass says that writing isn’t like what you’ve been taught in highschool. Even if I had never taken a broadcasting or writing class in high school, I still understand that a paper or story isn’t going to necessarily start with any one particular topic – even if one idea […]

Thoughts On Canon

I feel like the Vignelli Canon was poorly organized, from a reader’s standpoint. As someone interested in design and who has dabbled in design, I didn’t exactly agree with all of what he said, especially when he wrote, “Design without discipline is anarchy” and “Without discipline, design is automatically horrible.” I would disagree because in […]

My Thoughts on a Photo Safari

I feel like the assignment was fun, but I also feel like fifteen minutes is by far not enough time to get all the photos I needed – when already I want my photos to turn out well, and then to get that many photos for such a large list of topics or ideas felt […]

Thoughts on Visual Storytelling

How do I feel about visual storytelling versus other types of storytelling? I feel like for me at least, trying to tell a story with just pictures versus audio or written descriptions is much harder – I feel it personally limits how exactly some could picture part of a setting, but then again, I am […]