Above And Beyond

For my first assignment, worth 3 stars, we had to create our own logo for a company. I decided to work some on my sci-fi setting Fallen Heavens and made the logo for Heyfield Aerospace Industries, also known as Heyfield Industries, the first company to develop an air craft capable of both vacuum flight and […]

Fallen Heavens

The Battle of Luna had just begun, and the mercenaries and elite troops of the DLA had started their assault on the Mare Smythii, Interceptors and LRAVs leading the Kidal pilots above while heavy artillery pounded from the lunar vehicles. The War had just begun. Even the North Koreans had reluctantly agreed to join, but […]

Design Blitz

For this assignment, we had to take several photos that we felt represented four of the concepts of design that were discussed on the sight, and in order, I decided to use my photos to discuss minimalism and typography, contrast, color, and finally dominance, with the moon-like planet and the starship leaning in for a […]