A Stormy, Quaint Village

For my final assignment, worth 4 stars, we had to create a place using only sounds. Normally I would have used freesound.org but since I had used a different site, Tabletop Audio, before, I elected to use that, since their sound effects are very high quality. I elected to make a village located on the […]

“No Noise At All – Survival.”

The quote above was part of a joke done by Michael Rosen, but it felt fitting for my second assignment worth 4 stars, where we had to remix a song without using any original sounds. Like I said in my first assignment, I’ve always enjoyed the music from games, and when I heard Vega’s Theme […]


I have always enjoyed the music from games, and when I first listened to Guile’s Theme I knew that I wanted to remix it, so I did, for my first 4-star assignment this week. I started with a MIDI file, and once I had started trying to actually make it mash up I kept running […]

A Moon Shot

For this assignment worth 3.5 stars, we had to create a story of 90 seconds or less. I decided that my story would be connected to my science fiction setting Fallen Heavens, and one assignment from this week had to be related to the character we had created beforehand, and my character is Markus Heyfield, […]