Fallen Heavens

The Battle of Luna had just begun, and the mercenaries and elite troops of the DLA had started their assault on the Mare Smythii, Interceptors and LRAVs leading the Kidal pilots above while heavy artillery pounded from the lunar vehicles. The War had just begun. Even the North Koreans had reluctantly agreed to join, but only because that was part of the provisions of the Treaty of London, which had forced their surrender. And with the Kidal boldly attacking Earth for some damned artifact, what other option was there? Pyongyang was gone.

So was any other semblance of a home, now a shell of what was.

For my second GIF assignment and final design assignment worth 3 stars, we had to explain our dystopian setting for some fictional character we could have created. However, I had not fleshed out any sort of character beforehand, but ever since I had started playing Kerbal Space Program again (a game where you develop your own aerospace program over time) I had wanted to develop a sci-fi setting and use the game to build the ships, which would hopefully fly well (spoiler: most didn’t).