Drop ‘Em In The Bank

Gambit Camp

For my second visual assignment (worth 3.5 stars), I decided to make a fictional camp based on the game mode Gambit in Destiny 2, which came with the Forsaken expansion. I decided to go with this because it seems any time I load into a game of Gambit by myself, my teams is usually either really good and knows what they are doing, or has no idea what to do in the game mode.

I pictured the camp as a class to teach people tips and tricks about Gambit, as well as how to play the most effective part on your team, whether that is invading or blocking the other team from banking. I found the assignment fairly easy, since I just had to crop the background, add text to the image, and then border that text in black to make it visible against the dark background. The worst part about it was finding the background image of the Gambit logo.