Design Blitz

For this assignment, we had to take several photos that we felt represented four of the concepts of design that were discussed on the sight, and in order, I decided to use my photos to discuss minimalism and typography, contrast, color, and finally dominance, with the moon-like planet and the starship leaning in for a landing.

For the first two images, the theme I am currently using on my Android tablet, called “Minimal Mountains”. I feel like the three main folders are filled with the icons of my most commonly used apps, it takes away from the mostly minimalist aesthetic I was trying to go for with that theme, yet with the clock, weather, date, and music toggles, I feel like the typography did its job effectively – it drew my eye to it, especially so when I am either bored or on a tight schedule, and being able to swipe over to the right and check reddit or the news quickly is incredibly helpful.

The last three images are from the game No Man’s Sky, a science-fiction sandbox and survival game based on shows like Star Trek, where you can go and explore procedural-generated planets and star systems, some of which even have black holes, others of which are like Earth. The first image represents a stark contrast, between the black and white of the planet that the game generated, and the color of both a tiny patch of land and the ship my character was flying in on. To me, for some reason, it felt particularly evocative for some reason. I can’t put my name on why, but I feel it works well. I sort of feel the same way for the next image, where I tried to focus on the colors of the world and how at least to me, it felt like a planet that would look very similar to Earth.

In the final image, I had found another planet, and when I got close enough for my ship to scan it, it turned out to be a lower gravity planet with no atmosphere, like the Moon – I chose to have that photo be one where I was turning in to make a landing on that planet. I feel like that one was less effective at showing the dominance of the background, but showed a nice contrast between that, the sky above, and the ship preparing to land.