Alright Alright Alright

For my second assignment this week, I choose to do a four star assignment for recording a play-by-play, however, I have lost a lot of interest in sports generally over time, so I decided to do a play by play of the overtime round from one of the games of Gambit I played. As far as an overarching narrative, Gambit is a race against the other team – to bank first, get your Primeval up first, and bring down your Primeval before the other team is able to.

I used an old game I played in – sudden death/overtime games to me are always some of the best matches, and I decided that for the assignment I would give a radio play-by-play of the overtime match I found myself in.

Most of this assignment was recording my voice in FL Studio. I had tried to undo that radio effect on my voice, but was not able to get the effect removed from the mixer. I think it might have been applied to the master track, but I wasn’t sure – I had assigned the recording to a specific mixer track. Oh well. I then combined the narration and video footage in iMovie, and uploaded it to YouTube.