A Photo Safari

For this assignment, we had a fifteen-minute window to take as many photos as possible which we thought would apply to a list of certain topics or ideas. Some of the topics seemed vague to me, which didn’t exactly help since those topics could be interpreted differently by different people. I understand that it was part of the assignment to interpret these subjects differently, but I still feel like it could be worded more clearly (e.g. “Take a picture that represents joy.”, and “Take a photo that makes an inanimate object feel alive.” )

Most of those images from the album were from Destiny 2, but the ones I feel most satisfied with are in the gallery next to this. The first four I was satisfied with (from Destiny 2, at least) are from the Last Wish raid – the first picture from when I was loading in, and then the three after that lead up to the first boss fight from the raid, Kalli the Corrupted. The one not from Destiny was the chocolate cake my sister made for my great-aunt’s 88th birthday, based on a recipe from my mom’s coworker when she worked at Monticello.