A Moon Shot

For this assignment worth 3.5 stars, we had to create a story of 90 seconds or less. I decided that my story would be connected to my science fiction setting Fallen Heavens, and one assignment from this week had to be related to the character we had created beforehand, and my character is Markus Heyfield, the founder, CEO, and engineer of Heyfield Aerospace, the first company to develop an air craft capable of both vacuum flight and atmospheric flight. Markus’ son Andrew was supposed to be one of the first people to return to the Moon, yet the rocket failed. Thankfully, Andrew survived by jettisoning away just before the rocket began to fall back to Earth after an explosion.

I started by using some sound effects for the rocket from Kerbal Space Program, RealPlume for Kerbal Space Program, and from freesound.org. A lot of this assignment was mostly blending the sound effects together, particularly for getting the rocket to sound bass-heavy. But all in all, it wasn’t that difficult.