Final Weekly Summary

My final project is here and the tutorials are here. I feel like I learned a lot in class, mostly breaking down different forms of media into respective elements and then analyzing those elements and why they help add to the story. For an example, see my analysis of the cutscene after Cayde-6 from Destiny […]

Final Project Tutorials

For my first assignment, a visual assignment, I started by making a sample character in this character creator (note: requires Java). I used Artur’s hair which I modified in app to be more blonde, Chad’s armor which I modified to be green instead of the blue which is default, and while I don’t remember the […]


“My name is Garulf, second son to Lord Eadric of Blackhill, a small town in the northwest of Byrne. I’ve been a part of the King’s Rangers since I was but a lad of 17. The past isn’t what matters in this case.” “Recently I received an urgent message from King Godric saying the Skuldi […]

Summer Week 4 Summary

My daily creates are here, here, here, and here. The comments on the blogs are located here, here, here, and here. The two assignments are here and here, and my thoughts on a particular scene are here. I didn’t feel it was particularly difficult for some portions, like recording my footage, but actually working in […]

Alright Alright Alright

For my second assignment this week, I choose to do a four star assignment for recording a play-by-play, however, I have lost a lot of interest in sports generally over time, so I decided to do a play by play of the overtime round from one of the games of Gambit I played. As far […]

Rocket Design in a Nutshell

For my first assignment this week, I did the five-star assignment called “How-To Tutorial”. While I don’t feel like this lends itself to a story particularly well, I feel like helping someone new to something is the right thing to do if you have the particular skills for that thing, which is why I decided […]

Look. Listen. Analyze.

After reading Roger Ebert’s guide to reading movies, we had to analyze a classic movie scene. Given that a lot of the scenes for me were from movies that I had never heard (except for a few, such as Rocky, Apocalypse Now, and The Dark Knight), I decided to use the cutscene from Destiny 2: […]

Weekly Summary for Week 3

The Daily Creates are here, here, here, and here. My thoughts on storytelling with audio are here, and my assignments are here, here, here, and here. Nothing felt overly difficult to me at least (probably because I’ve had some experience with audio engineering and music production before), and while I am a musician, even ignoring […]

A Stormy, Quaint Village

For my final assignment, worth 4 stars, we had to create a place using only sounds. Normally I would have used but since I had used a different site, Tabletop Audio, before, I elected to use that, since their sound effects are very high quality. I elected to make a village located on the […]

“No Noise At All – Survival.”

The quote above was part of a joke done by Michael Rosen, but it felt fitting for my second assignment worth 4 stars, where we had to remix a song without using any original sounds. Like I said in my first assignment, I’ve always enjoyed the music from games, and when I heard Vega’s Theme […]